Conditions of Sale for Airselfie Pre-orders

The Conditions of Sale for Airselfie Pre-orders governs pre-order sales of Airselfie (“the Product”), according to what is specified on the website (“the Website”).

By pre-ordering a product, it is hereby understood that the Customer accepts and agrees to, without reservation, the Conditions of Sale described herein.

The Customer is responsible for updating his/her shipping and contact information so as to ensure proper delivery of pre-ordered/purchased products.

Payment is requested at the time the product is pre-ordered.

For products purchased during the pre-order period, the earliest shipping date is expected to be May 2017.

The customer may cancel his/her pre-order by and no later than 1 April 2017.

To exercise the right to cancel an order, the Customer must notify Airselfie Corporate Service of his/her decision to do so by compiling the form which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page and attaching it to a “Pre-order” category request from the Contact Us page.

Once the Customer’s pre-order cancellation request has been received, Airselfie Corporate Service will reimburse 100% of the amount paid, through the same payment method used by the Customer during the initial transaction.

All matters not specified within the Conditions of Sale for Airselfie Pre-orders are subject to the General Conditions of Sale found below.



Airselfie General Conditions of Sale


The General Conditions of Sale governs the sale of Airselfie products (“the Product”), produced by Airselfie Corporate Service and sold online at the Airselfie website (“the Website”), between Airselfie Corporate Service and non-corporate/non-business end customers (“the Customer”).

By purchasing a product, it is hereby understood that the Customer accepts and agrees to, without reservation, the General Conditions of Sale described herein.

Price – Terms of Payment

Products are invoiced according to the price in effect on the date of purchase. Shipping costs are to be paid by Airselfie Corporate Service, according to the information indicated before placing the order. Product delivery times are estimated to be at least 7 working days. Airselfie Corporate Service is in no way to be held responsible for shipping and delivery delays.

Payment for the order may be made on the Website with Paypal or credit card.


Ordering and shipping

Ordering a Product constitutes accepting its price. The sale is completed upon confirmation of the order, subject to the payment of the Product price by the Customer in compliance with the above-described regulations, and pursuant to these General Terms of Sale.

The Customer is to carefully fill out the fields relating to his/her identification, shipment address and delivery address. The Product will be shipped only upon validation of the payment.




The Customer may return the product no later than fourteen (14) days from the moment in which the Customer, or a third party designated by the Customer which is not the carrier, physically comes in possession of the package.

To exercise his/her right to return a Product, the Customer must notify Airselfie Corporate Service of his/her decision to do so by filling out the form which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, attaching it to a “Return” category request from the Contact Us page.

In order to meet the deadline for a return, the Client simply has to send his/her request before the return deadline has passed.

Once Airselfie Corporate Service has confirmed the return, in order to be reimbursed the Customer must send the Product back in the original packaging, complete with all accessories and documentation, entirely new and intact, with return shipping fees paid by the Customer, within fourteen (14) days.

Airselfie Corporate Service will then process the return within seven (7) days upon receiving the returned Product. The sum will be reimbursed through the same payment method used by the Customer for the initial purchase of the Product.



Commercial Guarantee

Without prejudice to the application of the previously described legal guarantee of conformity and the hidden defects guarantee, the parts and workmanship of the Products are contractually guaranteed against any non-compliance or functional defect for six (6) months starting from the date of purchase by the Customer (the date reported on the invoice shall apply).

A Product is considered defective under this Commercial Guarantee if the defect declared by the Customer is confirmed by Airselfie Corporate Service in reference to normal conditions of use.

The Commercial Guarantee is expressly limited to the free replacement of the Product(s). Compensation is excluded for any and all reasons, in particular for loss or damage of any type.

Replacements made under the Commercial Guarantee shall not extend the duration of the initial guarantee.

Products or elements replaced under the Guarantee become the property of Airselfie Corporate Service.

The partial or complete inability to use the Products, caused in particular by material incompatibility, shall not result in any compensation or reimbursement or appeal for the liability of Airselfie Corporate Service.



Intellectual Property

Airselfie Corporate Service is and will remain the owner of all intellectual property rights relating to the Product(s) and no clause of these General Conditions of Sale may be interpreted so as to cause the transfer of any intellectual property rights to the benefit of the Customer or third parties.

The Product(s) and all packaging are sold under the Airselfie brand, a product made by Airselfie Corporate Service.



Personal data

The Customer’s personal data collected during the purchase of a Product on the Website are used for the sole purposes of completing the order, customer satisfaction surveys and for the possibility of sending bulletins (subject to the Customer granting permission to do so).

Such data is processed in full compliance with the laws of England relating to the protection of personal data.

Through the application of such laws, the Customer has a right to access, correct and delete his/her personal data at any time by submitting a request in the “Contact Us” section of the Website in compliance with the applicable provisions.